Seatbelt Slogans

Buckle up! Seatbelt slogans help save lives by encouraging people to buckle their seatbelts when in a car. Whether you are driving nearby or on a highway, remember to buckle up. Here is a list of Seatbelt slogans below. Be sure to vote for your favorite.

85 rating, 173 votes85 rating, 173 votes +85

Click clack front and back.

Click clack front and back

63 rating, 101 votes63 rating, 101 votes +63

Click it or ticket!

50 rating, 108 votes50 rating, 108 votes +50

No Belt. No Brains

43 rating, 93 votes43 rating, 93 votes +43

Seatbelts save lives. Buckle up everytime.

18 rating, 90 votes18 rating, 90 votes +18

Doesn’t matter how far. JUST BELT UP!

16 rating, 54 votes16 rating, 54 votes +16

whats holding you back?

-9 rating, 87 votes-9 rating, 87 votes -9

you will need help if you don’t wear your seat belt