Animal Rights Slogans

Animal Rights Slogans help to encourage others to treat animals with care and compassion. It’s only fair to treat animals with care. We need to learn to live on this Earth in peace with our animal friends. Be sure to vote for your favorite Animal Rights Slogans.


434 rating, 740 votes434 rating, 740 votes +434

God loved the birds and created trees, humans loved the birds and created cages

275 rating, 535 votes275 rating, 535 votes +275

Feed it, don’t eat it

180 rating, 342 votes180 rating, 342 votes +180

Take out the blindness, show a little kindness, evolve up the ladder, get conscious- animals matter

159 rating, 311 votes159 rating, 311 votes +159

Eat beans not beings

134 rating, 252 votes134 rating, 252 votes +134

Animals are my friends and I don’t wear my friends

123 rating, 251 votes123 rating, 251 votes +123

There is no excuse for animal abuse

108 rating, 180 votes108 rating, 180 votes +108

Being cruel isn’t cool

103 rating, 165 votes103 rating, 165 votes +103

Adopt, Rescue, Love forever.

91 rating, 159 votes91 rating, 159 votes +91

Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.

81 rating, 155 votes81 rating, 155 votes +81

Animals are your neighbors on this earth- respect them!

73 rating, 151 votes73 rating, 151 votes +73

Love me, don’t eat me

66 rating, 116 votes66 rating, 116 votes +66

Do not neglect, protect! Slowly see the affect, as the animals reconnect!

62 rating, 116 votes62 rating, 116 votes +62

Humans aren’t the only species on Earth, We just act like it!

59 rating, 109 votes59 rating, 109 votes +59

The question is not, “Can they reason?” nor, “Can they talk?” but rather, “Can they suffer?”

56 rating, 108 votes56 rating, 108 votes +56

The fascination of shooting as a sport depends on whether you are at the right or wrong end of a gun.

56 rating, 106 votes56 rating, 106 votes +56

No compassion, No peace
Know Compassion, Know Peace

56 rating, 98 votes56 rating, 98 votes +56

Rescued is my favorite breed

56 rating, 88 votes56 rating, 88 votes +56

Don’t breed or buy, while shelter animals die.

48 rating, 106 votes48 rating, 106 votes +48

Cruelty is one fashion statement we can do without

40 rating, 106 votes40 rating, 106 votes +40

If you are what you eat, does that make you Dead Meat!

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