Here is a list of a variety of Fast Food slogans. Whether you like McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys or more you will find many slogans from fast food restaurants. Be sure to vote for your favorite Fast Food Slogans.


Where the food’s as good as the root beer

-7 ratings, 9 votes-7 ratings, 9 votes -7

It’s better here.

-10 ratings, 36 votes-10 ratings, 36 votes -10

This is a Burger King town
-Burger King

-12 ratings, 56 votes-12 ratings, 56 votes -12

It just tastes better
-Burger King

-13 ratings, 53 votes-13 ratings, 53 votes -13

Yes, Virginia there really is a Colonel Sanders

-16 ratings, 58 votes-16 ratings, 58 votes -16