Slogans for saving trees can be placed on t-shirts, mugs, bags and more. Rainforests not only help keep our air clean but it is also home to about two thirds of the Earth’s species. If we keep cutting down trees, there will be no more left to see. Vote for your favorite slogans for saving trees.

One tree can make a million matches. One match can destroy a million trees.

4,629 ratings, 8,281 votes4,629 ratings, 8,281 votes +4629

Hug a tree, they have less issues than people

1,564 ratings, 3,726 votes1,564 ratings, 3,726 votes +1564

Cut a Tree, Cut a Tree and there’ll be no more left to see.

1,293 ratings, 3,007 votes1,293 ratings, 3,007 votes +1293

Trees don’t grow on money either

739 ratings, 2,309 votes739 ratings, 2,309 votes +739

Want to hug a tree with me?

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Trees on, carbon dioxide gone!

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