Illegal Immigration Slogans

Here is a list of illegal immigration slogans. Be sure to vote for your favorite.

11 ratings, 23 votes11 ratings, 23 votes +11

America was built in Illegal Immigration. Ask the Native Americans.

8 ratings, 16 votes8 ratings, 16 votes +8

America is a nation of immigrants.

5 ratings, 15 votes5 ratings, 15 votes +5

Now I support my kids. If I get deported, you will!

2 ratings, 22 votes2 ratings, 22 votes +2

Si se Puede (Yes it can be done)

1 rating, 41 votes1 rating, 41 votes +1

Deport illegal immigrant criminals, let the rest stay. (Most illegal immigrants don’t sell drugs and don’t commit crimes)

-1 ratings, 23 votes-1 ratings, 23 votes -1

If your kids were hungry, you’d have snuck across, too!

-1 ratings, 21 votes-1 ratings, 21 votes -1

No human being is illegal. Stop the madness.

-8 ratings, 22 votes-8 ratings, 22 votes -8

I yearn to be an American. Please help me!