Funny School Campaign Slogans

Funny School Campaign Slogans will give people something to laugh about while also encouraging them to vote for you. This humorous campaign slogans are memorable and will give people something to talk about. Be sure to vote for you favorite funny school campaign slogans.

1,152 ratings, 2,182 votes1,152 ratings, 2,182 votes +1152

Don’t be shy, Give (name) a try

475 ratings, 1,315 votes475 ratings, 1,315 votes +475

Free Drinks on me (Hang over water fountain)

348 ratings, 1,100 votes348 ratings, 1,100 votes +348

Victoria’s real secret: she votes for (name)

83 ratings, 627 votes83 ratings, 627 votes +83

Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true! -Napolean Dynamite

-107 ratings, 951 votes-107 ratings, 951 votes -107

Got (name)? She does a student body good.

-229 ratings, 826 votes-229 ratings, 826 votes -229

I can do it, you can help -(from home depot slogan)

-522 ratings, 1,708 votes-522 ratings, 1,708 votes -522

Vote for me and when parents leave town next weekend party at my house