Toothpaste slogans can remind us of that fresh mouth feeling we get when we use toothpaste. Be sure to vote for your favorite toothpaste slogans.

Teeth aren’t white until they gleem.

-3 ratings, 7 votes-3 ratings, 7 votes -3

Can get even clean teeth 2 shades whiter

-3 ratings, 5 votes-3 ratings, 5 votes -3

It’s dandy for your teeth!

-3 ratings, 5 votes-3 ratings, 5 votes -3

Effortlessly cleaning out that dirty mouth of yours, so no one will ever know how bad your breath really was

-4 ratings, 16 votes-4 ratings, 16 votes -4

The Great Tasting Gel!

-6 ratings, 10 votes-6 ratings, 10 votes -6

Healthy Beautiful smiles for life.

-11 ratings, 29 votes-11 ratings, 29 votes -11