Clever Workplace Safety Slogans such as Be Aware Take Care encourages workers to follow workplace safety rules which helps ensure the safety of not just you but also your coworkers around you. Be sure to vote for your favorite workplace safety slogans.

Make safety a reality and don’t be a fatality

10 ratings, 20 votes10 ratings, 20 votes +10

Know safety No Accidents

10 ratings, 18 votes10 ratings, 18 votes +10

Safety makes good dollars and sense

10 ratings, 16 votes10 ratings, 16 votes +10

safety pays in many ways

7 ratings, 17 votes7 ratings, 17 votes +7

Never give safety a day off

7 ratings, 15 votes7 ratings, 15 votes +7

Safety… It can charm you, or ALARM you!

6 ratings, 14 votes6 ratings, 14 votes +6