Bullying is mean and should not be seen. These Anti Bully slogans shows the importance of showing respect to others and how hurtful words can be. We all need to work together to stop bullying. Be sure to vote for your favorite anti bullying slogans.


Stop the pain YOU cause!

17 ratings, 135 votes17 ratings, 135 votes +17


7 ratings, 41 votes7 ratings, 41 votes +7

It takes a stronger person to do what’s right, don’t belittle .

1 rating, 309 votes1 rating, 309 votes +1

Don’t act like a creep, bullying hurts deep.

0 ratings, 0 votes0 ratings, 0 votes 0

Bullies need to make others feel insecure because they are insecure.

-16 ratings, 329 votes-16 ratings, 329 votes -16

Do you realise how much YOU hurt!

-50 ratings, 328 votes-50 ratings, 328 votes -50

Be nice on the Net

-106 ratings, 568 votes-106 ratings, 568 votes -106

Delete cyber bullying, don’t write it, don’t foward it

-122 ratings, 832 votes-122 ratings, 832 votes -122