Slogans can be used for a wide variety of causes. Whether you are looking for slogans for animal rights, anti corruption slogans or more, you will find slogans for a wide range of causes. Be sure to vote for your favorite slogans.


If your kids were hungry, you’d have snuck across, too!

-1 ratings, 23 votes-1 ratings, 23 votes -1

No human being is illegal. Stop the madness.

-1 ratings, 21 votes-1 ratings, 21 votes -1

We need what you’ve got! Give blood.

-2 ratings, 8 votes-2 ratings, 8 votes -2

Human Trafficking can lead to kidnapping, drugs, forced sex, death

-3 ratings, 49 votes-3 ratings, 49 votes -3

Yes we Camp

-3 ratings, 31 votes-3 ratings, 31 votes -3

Families Belong Together

-4 ratings, 18 votes-4 ratings, 18 votes -4

I’m Pro Choice but I think the Baby should be the one to Choose!

-5 ratings, 19 votes-5 ratings, 19 votes -5

I yearn to be an American. Please help me!

-8 ratings, 22 votes-8 ratings, 22 votes -8

I drove 1768 miles to occupy Wall St

-12 ratings, 30 votes-12 ratings, 30 votes -12

Do not buy animals from pet shops this increases puppy mills.

-36 ratings, 122 votes-36 ratings, 122 votes -36