Swimming slogans can inspire and motive. Swimming is no easy sport; you need strength, agility, and persistence. Here is a list of swimming slogans. Be sure to vote for your favorite.

To swim or not to swim? There is no question

7 ratings, 23 votes7 ratings, 23 votes +7

If you are not dating a swimmer raise your standards

6 ratings, 34 votes6 ratings, 34 votes +6

You know you’re a swimmer when during gym you sweat chlorine

5 ratings, 19 votes5 ratings, 19 votes +5

I’m best in my element- H2O

4 ratings, 22 votes4 ratings, 22 votes +4

I’m not a player, I am the game

2 ratings, 18 votes2 ratings, 18 votes +2

If life piddles in your pool of dreams, add chlorine and keep swimming

-1 ratings, 23 votes-1 ratings, 23 votes -1

The view never changes unless you are in the lead

-2 ratings, 20 votes-2 ratings, 20 votes -2

Make a splash

-7 ratings, 23 votes-7 ratings, 23 votes -7

You know your a swimmer when your friends complain the water fountain smells like chlorine and you think it smells like home.

-11 ratings, 81 votes-11 ratings, 81 votes -11